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sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

Real Madrid 2-High Offense (2)

Time's for Real Madrid. In this article we're checking a 2-High Offense, used to play a top ballscreen between the 5 and mainly with Sergio Rodríguez.
From the set shown in this picture, 2 ups to
the wing and recieves the ball from 1. 1 cuts
to under the rim. 5 opens and recieves the 
ball from 2. 4 downs towards 1.
Then 1 slides up towards 5 for a hand-off pass,
being downscreened by 4. 4 opens to the right
corner and 3 ups to the wing.

5 sets a ballscreen for 1.
Finally 5 sets a re-pick for 1 and rolls to the rim.
1 can attack the rim or seeks 5 in the paint.

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