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sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

FC Barcelona Horns Offense (2)

Despite its defeat yesterday, I would like to share this FC Barcelona's Horns Offense, which they used very often to play a side pick'n'roll between Marcelinho Huertas and Ante Tomic.
From a horns set, 4 sets a ballscreen for 1
and rolls to the paint. 1 dribbles to the left
wing and seeks 4 at the low post. If 4 
can't recieve the ball then cuts to the 
right corner and 3 ups to the wing.
Then 5 sets a ballscreen for 1 and rolls to the
rim. 1 comes hard off the screen to attack the
rim or pass to 5, to 2, to 3 or to 4.

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