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viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

Zalgiris Kaunas Transition Offense

This time I am sharing a new Transition Offense by Zalgiris Kaunas that is play to get a finish set with 4 opened players at the corners and playing a ballscreen at the wing.

From a horns set, 5 sets a downscreen for 3
who moves to the wing to recieve the ball
from 1. 1 cuts to the left corner and 2 slides
up to the wing.
Then 4 sets a backscreen for 2 that cuts
to the rim.3 can hit 2. If 2 doesn't recieve
the ball then cuts the right corner.
Then 4 sets a downscreen for 1 who sli-

des up to the wing.
Finally 3 hits 1 and 5 sets a ballscreen for 1 
and rolls to the rim. 1 can attacks the rim or 
can hit 5.

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