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lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Brose Baskets Bamberg Roll Offense

In this post we're going to see a Roll Offense by Brose Baskets Bamberg that they use to seek different options for quick shoots.

Firstly 4 and 5 set staggered screens for 2
who moves to the right wing. At the base-
line 3 slides to the left corner. 1 can pass
the ball to 2.
One of the first options is when 5 sets a
down screen for 2 who comes hard off the
screen to recieve the ball from 1 and gets
a quick shoot.
The second option is when 4 sets a cross
screen for 2 who moves to the left wing,
and 5 sets a cross screen for 3 who mo-
ves to the right wing. 1 can pass to 2 or to
3 for two different quick shoots.

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