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lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

BC Khimki Diamond Offense

In this post I am going to share with you a new diamond offense by BC Khimki that russians use to seek the 5 at the low post at the very beginning of the set play, then they play a flex option, and at the end of the set they play a top ballscreen.

Firstly 4 sets a cross screen for 3 who moves
to the left side wing. 1 passes to 3 and moves
to the right side wing. Then 2 sets a cross
screen for 5 who comes off hard the screen to
the left low post. After screening5, 2 slides up
to the top of the key being down screened by
4. 3 can pass to 5 at the low post or to 2 at the
If 3 passes to 2 at the top, then 4 sets a ball-
screen for 2 and rolls to the rim. 5 slides to the
right short corner. 2 can dribble to the rim, can
pass to 4 under the rim or can pass to 5 at the
short corner.

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