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lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Spanish League's Finals: Passion and courage.

Despite losing the first serie's game after a Marcelinho's buzzer beater, Real Madrid showed on the last game as courage as the first one.

Real Madrid beat FC Barcelona, after an extraordinary game, which was played with passion and courage by both teams.

We have seldom watched a better final playoff, so we have to enjoy it!

Tonight in Madrid is being played the third serie's game with the playoff tied 1-1.

Although both teams know each other perfectly, there are little aspects of the game that we have to take into account.
  • The control of rebounds is believed to be essential.
  • The control of game rhythm is also considered very important factor.
  • Three point shoots, as we could see in the last two games, is probably the factor that could determine the success at the end of the game.
  • And obviously Navarro's and Carroll's states of grace.
In addition to the great series that we are watching, this playoff is being broadcast and we can check it on TV's audiences and on Twitter, where basketball is usually a trend topic when matches are being played.
In my own opinion there is no favourite for tonight's game, but  because the match is played in Madrid, there is an extra positive factor for Real Madrid. However, Barcelona is used to playing under these circumstances and it has very good players able to deal with it.

Let's forget the colors and enjoy the game!