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viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

Spain National Team Horns Offense

Time's for Spain National Team again. In this post we are going to check a Horns Offense used by the spaniards to get a quick shot or to play a top ballscreen with Navarro in order to seek 4 and 5 at both low posts.

From a horns set, 1 dribbles to the left wing
and 2 sets a backscreen for 5. 5 cuts to the
left low post and 2 moves to the top. 1 can
hit 5 or 2.
If 1 hits 2, then 4 sets a ballscreen for him
and rolls to the left low post. 5 cuts to the
right low post. 2 can hit 4 or 5 at both low

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