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jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

Portland Trail Blazers 1-4 Offense

Today I start the Portland Trail Blazers Playbook, with a 1-4 Offense that is used to get a quick shoot by 1, a lay-up by 1, or to play an offesive triangle at the end of the set.

From a 1-4 offense, 1 dribbles towards 2 for
a hand-off pass. 5 opens over three point line.
Then 4 sets a backscreen for 2 who cuts to-
wards the rim. 5 can hit 2 or can hit 3. 3 can
hit 2 as well.
The next step is 1 moving towards the top of
the key, being staggered downscreened by
4 and 5. 5 rolls to the rim and 4 pops to the
wing. 3 hits 1.
Finally an offensive triangle is played between
1, 4 and 5.

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