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viernes, 23 de mayo de 2014

Indiana Pacers Post Isolation Offense

Today we're going to check a Indiana Pacers Post Isolation offense, that they use to seek the 5 at the low post, playing a high-low pass after a side ballscreen.
This play is also played as a transition offense.
From the set shown in the picture, 1 hits 2
and cuts to the left corner. 5 sets a down-
screen for 4 who slides up to the top and
recieves the ball from 2. Then 2 cuts to the
right corner.
Finally 1 moves towards 4 for hand-off pass.
4 pops and 5 cuts to the left low post.
1 can attack the rim, or can can pass to 4.
Then 4 seeks 5 at the low post.

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