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viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

Florida Gators 1-4 Offense

In this post I am adding a new NCAA 1-4 Offense, this time we're checking a Florida Gators' set play that is very useful when you have a good and athletic 4 in your roster.
From a 1-4 set 2 cuts to the left side wing
from the right side wing, being staggered
screened by 5 and 4. 3 moves to the paint.
Then 3 moves to the right side wing being 
cross screened by 5. 1 hits 3 and moves
to the left side wing. 2 moves to the left
corner and 5 curls to the left low post.
Then 4 sets a ballscreen for 3 and pops 
over the three point line. 3 hits 4. 4 at-
tacks the rim and also seeks 2 at the cor-
ner or 5 in the paint.

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