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jueves, 17 de abril de 2014

Olympiacos Piraeus Roll Offense

After the first Euroleague quarterfinals matches, today we're going to check a good Roll Offense of Olympiacos Piraeus that is used b the greeks to seek two different quick shoot options at both wings. If they can shoot, then a side pick'n'roll is played to finish the set.
First of all, 4 sets a downscreen for 2,
Spanoulis, who recieves the ball from 1,
and returns it again. Then 1 cuts to the right
low post being cross screned by 5.
Then 3 cuts to the left side wing being
staggered screened by 2 and 4. Then 2
slides up to the right wing being down-
screened by 5. 1 can hit 2 or 3 at both wings.

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