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lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2013

Real Madrid Baseline Out Of Bounds Play (1)

This is a good Real Madrid's Baseline Out of Bounds Play that is played very often by the spaniards, in which they seek two different quick shoot choices, or to play a side 2x2 or even to attack the rim for a lay-up from the top of the key.

From the set shown in the picture, 2 sets a
downscreen for 5 who opens to the left side
wing to receive the ball from 2. Then 4 sets
a downscreen for 1 who slides up to the top
of the key. 5 hits 1.
Then 5 sets a downscreen for 3 and 4 sets
a downscreen for 2.
1 can attack the rim, or can pass to 2 or to 3.
If 1 passes to 2 or to 3 then a side 2x2 is

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