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lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

Partizan NIS Belgrade Horns Offense (1)

Now we are going to see a Partizan NIS Belgrade's Horns Offense that is used by the serbians to seek the 4 at the top of the key, to seek the 5 at the low post or to play a hand-off pass at the wing between the 4 and the 2.

Firstly 4 sets a ballscreen for 2 who dribbles
to the right wing. 4 pops to the left wing and
5 slides to the right low post. 1 can pass to
5 at the low post or to 4 at the top.
If 4 receives the ball, he can attack the rim
or dribbles to the left wing for a hand-off
pass with 2.

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