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viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013

Spain National Team Quick Shoot Offense

After the second day of Eurobasket, we're going to see some new set plays. I am going to begin with a new Spain's set play which is played to seek the 3 at the low post, to get a long distance shoot, or even to play a top ballscreen.

From the set showed in the picture, 1 drib-
bles to the right wing and 3 cuts to the right
low post being staggered cross screened
by 4 and 5. 1 seeks 3 at the low post.
If 1 cannot pass to 3 then 2 slides up to the
top of the key being staggered downscree-
ned by 4 and 5. 4 pops to the wing.
1 hits 2 at the top for a long distance shoot.
If 2 cannot shoot then 5 sets a ballscreen
for 2 and rolls to the paint. 2 can dribble to
the hoop, or can pass to 5 at the low post,
or can pass to 4 at the wing.

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