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domingo, 8 de septiembre de 2013

Italy National Team Transition Offense

Turn for the Italia National Team with this complete transition offense which is used by the azzurris to get a quick shoot or to play some different as we are going to see. In this set we can catch the very important role of Luigi Datome, #4, in the italian team.

Firstly 1 dribbles to the left wing and 2 sli-
des up tp the top of the key being staggered
screened by 4 and 5. 4 pops to the wing.
1 hits 2.
First Option: The first option is when 5 sets
a ballscreen for 2 and rolls to the rim.
2 can dribble to the rim or can pass to the
other 4 teammates.
Second Option: The second option begins
when 5 sets a ballscreen for 2 and pops to
the top. 2 hits 5.
Then 1 moves towards 5 for a hand-off pass.
5 rolls to the paint. Then a triangle offense
is played between 1, 4 and 5.
Third Option: The third option begins when
1 sets a downscreen for 4 who slides up
to the wing. 5 hits 4.
Right after 1 moves towards 4 for a hand-
off pass. 4 rolls to the low post. 1 can drib-
bles to the rim or can pass to 4.
Fourth Option: The last option is played
when 1 play a backdoor cut, 4 slides up to
the wing and 5 hits 4.
Finally 5 sets a ballscreen for 4 and rolls to
the paint. 4 can shoot, can dribble to the rim
or can pass to 5 at the low post.

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