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viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

Spain National Team Horns Offense (2)

In this article we're going to see an easy Spain's Horns Offense which is used by the spaniards to play a ballscreen at the wing or to get a long distance shoot. We're seeing two different options that spaniards usually play.

First option: 1 hits 5 and cuts to the left low 
post where is cross screened by 2. Then 1
slides up towards 5 for a hand off pass. 2 
slides tothe right corner and 3 slides up to
the wing.
Then 5 sets a ballscreen for 1 and rolls to
the elbow or to the low post.
1 passes to 5 at the low post or at the elbow
depending on 5's choice.

Second Options: As we have seen in the
first option, 1hits 5 and cuts to the left low
post where is cross screened by 2. Then
1 comes hard off the screen to 5 for a
hand off pass.
Then 5 sets a downscreen for 2 who comes
hard off the screen to the left wing to get a
long distance shoot.
2 can seek 5 at the low post as well.

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