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miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

Serbia National Team Sideline Out of Bounds Play

In this post we are seeing a new Serbia's set play, in this case, a new Sideline Out of Bounds Play, used by serbians to seek the 4, Bjelica, at the wing, or to play a top ballscreen.

5 sets a down screen for 1 who slides up
to the top. 2 hits 1 and cuts to the right side
wing being staggered cross screened by
5 and 4.
Inmediatly 5 sets a cross screen for 4 who
comes hard off the screen to the left side
wing. 1 hits 4 at the wing. First option is
4 dribbling to the hoop and 5 rolling to the
hoop as well.
Second option is 4 getting a long distance
shoot, or seeking 5 at the low post.
Nevertheless, the last option is 5 setting a
ballscreen for 1 at the top of the key. 1 can
dribble to the rim, pass to 4 at the wing or
pass to 5 in the paint.

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