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domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

Croatia National Team Horns Offense

Today I begin the Croatia's National Team Eurobasket 2013 Playbook, with this Horns Offense which is used by the croatians to seek the 5, Ante Tomic, at the low post, and eventually to seek the 3, Marko Tomas, at the low post as well.

1 hits 5 and moves to the right side wing
being cross screened by 4. Then 3 cuts to
the left low post. 5 can pass to 3 at the low
post or 2 slides up to 5 for a handoff pass.
If 5 passes to 2, then 4 sets a ballscreen
for 2. 5 cuts to the right low post being
screened by 3, 4 rolls to the left low post,
3 opens to the left corner, and 2 dribbles
to the right wing. 1 can pass to 5, to 4, to 1
or to 3.

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