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viernes, 19 de julio de 2013

Spain's U20 National Team Horns Offense

In this new article I am going to post a Horns Offense of Spain's U20 National Team which is played often by Spain because of the good skills of its forward "Dani Díez", who is sought at the low post in order to play a 1and1.
First of all 4 sets a ballscreen for 1 and rolls
to the right low post. 1 dribbles to the right
wing. Then 5 screens 3 who slides up to the
left wing. 1 can pass the ball to 4 at the low
post or to 3 at the wing.
If 1 hits the ball to 3, then 3 hits the ball to 5
and cuts down to the right low post being
screened by 4. Quickly 4 screens 1 who mo-
ves to the left side wing. 5 can pass the ball
to 3 at the low post or to 1 at the wing.
Then 5 hits the ball to 1, 1 to 4 and 4 to 2,
in order to seek 3 at the right low post.
When 1 gets the ball there are to more op-
tions: 4 ballscreens 1 at the top or 5 ball-
screens 1 at the wing.

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