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domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

The University of Texas at El Paso Set Play vs 2-3 Defense

In this post I would like to share with you a great set offense vs 2-3 deffense of The University of Texas at El Paseo that I have recently seen on Zak Boisvert Youtube Channel, and which has impressed me a lot.

First of all 1 passes to 2 at the right side
wing. Then the defensive players step to
the right.
Then 2 passes the ball to 1 and cuts to the
left side corner being cross screened by 4
and double cross screened by 5 and 3.
1 dribbles to the left side wing. The deffense
steps to the left and the defender 4 moves
through the double screen to the left side
wing to defend player 2. Then 3 sets a cross
screen to the defender 5 in order to isolate
the 5.
At the end of the set 1 can pass to 5 at the
low post for a shoot.

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