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lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Maccabi Electra Horns Offense (1)

In this article we're going to see a Maccabi Electra's set offense which starting in a horns format, is used to play a pick'n'roll at the wing.

1 passes to 4 and cuts to the right wing.
5 sets a down screen to 2 who moves to the
top of the key. 4 passes to 2. Then 5 sets
a cross screen for 3 who moves to the left
side wing. 2 hits 3.
Then 5 sets a ballscreen for 3 and rolls to the
left low post. 3 comes off hard the screen to
the left elbow. 3 can pass to 2, to 4 or to 5.

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