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martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Toronto Raptors' Flex Offense

Now we're going to see a Flex Offense by Toronto Raptors used to play an offensive triangle.

1 passes to 4 and moves down to sets a cross
screen for 2 who comes hard off the screen to
the right low block. 3 slides up the right side
wing. After cross screening for 2, 1 slides up
to the top op the key being down screened by
5. 4 can pass to 3 at the wing, to 2 at the
seal or to 1 at the rop.
5 pops to the left side wing, 4 sets a ball-
screen for 1 and roll to the left low block.
An offensive triangle is played between 1, 4
and 5. 3 slides up to the right side wing and
2 opens to the right side corner.

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