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miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Toronto Raptors 1-4 Offense

Now we're going to see a new Raptors' set play which increases our NBA's Playbook a bit more.
This is a set used by Raptors to play two different pick'n'roll's options.
1 passes to 2 and cuts to the left low block.
Then 1 slides up to the left side wing and 3
cuts to the left low block.
The first option is that 4 sets a ballscreen for
2 and rolls to the right low block. 2 can pass
to 4 at the seal or 5 at the top.
If 2 passes to 5 then a handoff pass is played
between 5 and 1. 3 slides to the right side 
corner and 4 slides up to the right elbow.
When 5 receives the ball from 2, another op-
tion is firtsly is the cut of 1 to the left low
block and after the cut of 1 to the top of the
key, being down screened by 4. 5 hits 1 at
the top of the key for a shoot or for playing
a pick'n'roll with 4. 

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