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miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Los Ángeles Lakers Double Ballscreen Offense

In this post we're going to see another L.A. Lakers' Offense, which is used to put the ball to Howard at the low block. This is an easy set offense played quite often by Lakers and actually played by some european teams as well.

4 and 5 both set a ballscreen for 1 in a row.
1 comes off hard the screens and dribbles to
the top of the key. 5, Howard, rolls to the
right low block, and 4, Gasol, pops to the
right side wing.
1 hits 4 and 4 hits 5. 4 moves to the left low
block. 1 slides to the right side wing, 2 moves
to the top of the key, and 3 slides up to the
left side wing.

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