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miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

CSKA Moscow Horns Offense (6)

In this article we're going to see another CSKA Moscow's set play. This is a typical Horns Offense which is used to seek a 3pt shoot at the point, or two different options to play a top ballscreen. Whichi is the key of this set play? The key is to have a player like Khryapa, a big forward who has the ability to threaten 3pt shoots.

1 passes the ball to 4 and slides to the right side wing, where 4 returns the ball to 1.

5 sets a cross screen for 4 who comes off hard the screen to the left side wing.

The first option is a staggered screen by 4 and 5 for 2.

The second option is 1 passing the ball to 4 for a handoff with 2.

The first option is when 4 and 5 set a stagge-
red screen for 2 who comes off hard the 
screens to the point to recieve the ball from 1
to get a 3pt shoot.
If 2 can shoot, then 5 sets a ballscreen for 2
and rolls to the left low post.
An offensive triangle is played by 2, 4 and 5.

The second option is played when 1 passes
the ball to 4, and 4 plays a handoff with 2 at
the left side wing.
Then 5 sets a ballscreen for 2 and rolls to un-
der the basket. 2 can dribble to the basket,
can pass to 5 or can pass to 4.

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