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jueves, 21 de marzo de 2013

Brose Baskets Bamberg Horns Offense (4)

In this post I'm showing you another Brose Baskets Bamberg's set play, that they use to play a handoff pass or a ballscreen at the top of the key, between the point guard and the center.
This set play is also used by some european teams as Olympiacos or some spanish Liga ACB's teams.

4 sets a cross screen for 5 and rolls to the
left low block. 5 comes off hard the screen
, sets a ballscreen for 1 and pops to the
top of the key. 1 comes off hard the screen
and dribbles to the left side wing. 1 hits 5.
Then 4 sets a down screen for 2, who mo-
ves to the top of the key for a handoff or to
play a pick'n'roll with 5.
2 can dribbl to the rim, can pass 3 at the
corner or passes 5 in his roll to the rim.

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