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martes, 5 de febrero de 2013

Miami Heat Flex Offense

In this last post, I show an interesting flex offense played by Miami Heat in which Heats seek two different shooting options.

1 hits 4 and set a down screen for 2, then
cuts to the left low block.
2 comes off the down screen to the right
side wing.
4 hits 5, and 5 hits 2 at the right side wing.
5 cuts to the right low block.
1 and 5 set cross screens for 3. 3 cuts to
the right side corner.
After 1 sets a cross screen then 4 sets a
down screen for 1. 1 comes off the down
screen to the top of the key.
2 can hit 3 at the right side corner or can
hit 1 at the top of the key.

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