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miércoles, 14 de agosto de 2013

Spain National Team Horns Offense

In this new post I am showing you a new Spain's set play that we could see yesterday during its friendly match vs Poland.

First of all 5 sets a downscreen for 2 who
cuts to the right corner. 3 slides up to the
right wing. Then 5 pops and receives the
ball from 1.
The first option is when 4 sets a cross
screen for 3 who comes hard off the screen
and cuts to the left low post. 5 can pass the
ball to 3 at the low post.
If 3 can't receive the ball, the 4 sets a down-
screen for 2 who slides up to the right side
wing and receives the ball from 1.
At the end of the set, 4 sets a ballscreen for
2 and pops to the top of the key or to the el-
bow. 2 dribbles to the hoop and has four
different pass options.

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