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martes, 13 de agosto de 2013

Slovenia National Team Horns Offense

This is the first Eurobasket 2013's post and I'm going to begin with the Slovenian National Team.

In this post we're going to see a Horns Offense used by them to seek different options for their players 1 and 3, using the player 4 (Nachbar) very cleverly as well.

Firstly 5 sets a cross screen for 4 who moves
to the left side wing and receives the ball from
1. 1, after passes the ball to 4, moves to under
the hoop. Then 5 sets a back screen for 2 who
moves to the top of the key.
4 passes the ball to 2 and then 3 has two
different options:
a) Moves to the right wing being staggered
screened by 1 and 5.
b) Moves to the left elbow being screened by 4.
If 3 choices the option b) then if he can recei-
ve the ball, he moves to the right side wing or
to the right corner.
Finally, 4 sets a downscreen for 1 who moves
to the left elbow to get a shoot, or to passes
the ball to 4 who has moved to the left corner.

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