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lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013

FC Barcelona Flex Offense (1)

In this new post, I am sharing a new FC Barcelona's Flex Offense, that is used by the catalans to isolated the 3 at the wing, to seek the 4 at the low post, to get a three point shoot or to play a top ballscreen.

Firstly, 3 slides to the left side wing from the
right corner, being staggered screened by 5
and 4. 1 hits 3 at the left wing and moves to
the opposite wing.
Then 2 sets a cross screen for 5 and moves
to the top of the key being downscreened by
4. 5 slides to the left low post. 3 can pass the
ball to 5 at the low post or to 2 at the top.

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